Ralsei's Corner

( tracklisting ) "https://sites.google.com/view/digital-w0rld/home"

Played in the Oasis of Suffering Discord Server. "Ralsei's Corner is a producer from Argentina, well known for his albums NXX010X and Unreleased Tracks. He has built up a carreer in early 2022 and now he's making an live recording of his "Virtual Soundscape" tour called "Insane Activity". This was recorded on a (master) cassette tape, so the quality has been very downgraded."

Upcoming shows:
  • WoopDoo Fest (n/a)
  • Corner Realm (20/02/23)
  • Yesfest 2 : Yeahfest (27/01/23)
  • Corner Realm (discord server) (28/01/23)